this is the way that it is

this is the way that it always will be

so. it’s almost summer break. i may look inactive, but i’m currently writing a countdown for the last week of school. that’s write baby (pun)

but you goblins need content now. so here’s your content.

it’s weird to think that school’s almost over. how many of you remember the first day? week? month? how many of you remember that test you aced? how about the one you failed? how many of you can say they know what happened this year?

in this day and age, how many of us have slowed down? it’s almost impossible with assignment after test after assignment. how many of us have taken time to engage in our passions? we don’t have money. don’t have cars, don’t have time.

until we do.

but when will that be? only a few of us have jobs. only a few of us have permits. and time’s coming like a freight truck.

but how about time? time moves on and on and on forever taking us from a certain past to the uncertain future.

the amount of possibilities every day should stagger the mind. the sheer number of things i could do at any moment is impossible. and i’m sitting here refreshing my inbox. we relive the same few days over and over. when did we forget our dreams? we act as if we get through today our dreams will come back tomorrow.

and no, i don’t have all the answers. i don’t know how to start seeing what could be. but i do know that watering down life’s experience, watering down every little idea and thought to fit the mold isn’t it.

let me pull you aside for a moment. take wrong turns. talk to strangers. open unmarked doors. you are curious, you are smart, you are bored. all you can see right now is a choice between slacking off and working hard. there are so many tiny interesting choices that we could all make and we can’t because we just want to get to tomorrow.

something tells me that you’re never gonna stop
until you get what you want

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and the moment you stop thinking,
you come into immediate contact with what Korzybski called,
so delightfully, ‘the unspeakable world.’

alan watts, 1967

it’s christmas. i don’t really know what to say except… wow. we made it another year. of course, we’re writing down more things for we didn’t start the fire v2.

but that’s not important right now. right now, we’re in the best part of the year. except for the blizzard coming up but that’s not important.

it’s interesting just what the end of the year means. logically, it means nothing. just another loop on our imaginary time system. another trip around the sun.

emotionally, it’s a reboot. a fresh start, new things to be had, new places to be seen, new memories to be made.

there’s others who can describe it better then me. i leave you with alan watts, a writer, speaker, and philosopher. you can hear and read the full talk here.

“But you know, if you talk all the time, you will never hear what anybody else has to say, and therefore, all you’ll have to talk about is your own conversation.

The same is true for people who think all the time. That means, when I use the word ‘think,’ talking to yourself, subvocal conversation, the constant chit-chat of symbols and images and talk and words inside your skull.

Now, if you do that all the time, you’ll find that you’ve nothing to think about except thinking, and just as you have to stop talking to hear what I have to say, you have to stop thinking to find out what life is about.

And the moment you stop thinking, you come into immediate contact with what Korzybski called, so delightfully, ‘the unspeakable world.’

The most ordinary sights and sounds and smells, the texture of shadows on the floor in front of you. All these things, without being named, and saying ‘that’s a shadow, that’s red, that’s brown, that’s somebody’s foot.’

When you don’t name things anymore, you start seeing them. Because say when a person says ‘I see a leaf,’ immediately, one thinks of a spearhead-shaped thing outlined in black and filled in with flat green. No leaf looks like that. No leaves–leaves are not green.

That’s why Lao-Tzu said ‘the five colors make a man blind, the five tones make a man deaf,’ because if you can only see five colors, you’re blind, and if you can only hear five tones in music, you’re deaf. You see, if you force sound into five tones, you force color into five colors, you’re blind and deaf.

The world of color is infinite, as is the world of sound. And it is only by stopping fixing conceptions on the world of color and the world of sound that you really begin to hear it and see it.

I am not talking about the ordering of ordinary everyday life in a reasonable and methodical way as being schoolteacherish, and saying ‘if you were NICE people, that’s what you would do.’ For heaven’s sake, don’t be nice people.

But the thing is, that unless you do have that basic framework of a certain kind of order, and a certain kind of discipline, the force of liberation will blow the world to pieces. It’s too strong a current for the wire.”

from all of us everywhere, merry christmas, happy hanukkah, and a happy new year. ■

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two is a weird number that only serves as a inbetween for one and three and has no actual use in math. change my mind.

twenty men had tried to take him

twenty men had made a slip

twenty-one would be the ranger with the big iron on his hip

reading is pretty cool. so are hobbies in general. i have a big ol bookshelf at home, yet i’m actually afk right now in hypixel. god i’m really running out of ideas, eh? i’m out of ideas and still have a day to go.

writing… is almost like a mountain i believe. it’s easy at first, you’re writing hundreds of words. but then you gotta write the fifth chapter and you have nothing. you’ve figured out the beginning, end, and climax, but you have nothing for the things around it. you have no true story, simply an outline.

you can see the start of the mountain. you can envision the end and the very peak. but you have no idea what waits for you on the climb. you hope it’s easy, not that steep a climb, but what waits is a 75 degree angle with barely any oxygen and wild cold. it’s hell frozen over. but you climb. the story slowly gets written, the dents and kinks hammered out. and at the end…

you have a story. the best you’ve ever written, so far. you aren’t ready to do the climb again, but you will. you must, there’s people waiting on you.

god, maybe this blog isn’t the best for me. it’s a better output then some other options, i suppose.

big iron on his hiiiiiiiiiiip

sure it’s a common notion

perpetual in motion

it’s not good. we aren’t doing good right now, are we? everything’s on fire and our world leaders are twiddling their thumbs trying to see which one pushes the button first. so i propose we take a break.

pick a day on your calendar. this’ll be your mental health day. if it’s in the middle of the school week you’ll have a harder job but one you might be able to get away with anyway.

once you have acquired your day off either by virtue of the weekend or passing a speech check, you can begin your break.

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