two is a weird number that only serves as a inbetween for one and three and has no actual use in math. change my mind.

twenty men had tried to take him

twenty men had made a slip

twenty-one would be the ranger with the big iron on his hip

reading is pretty cool. so are hobbies in general. i have a big ol bookshelf at home, yet i’m actually afk right now in hypixel. god i’m really running out of ideas, eh? i’m out of ideas and still have a day to go.

writing… is almost like a mountain i believe. it’s easy at first, you’re writing hundreds of words. but then you gotta write the fifth chapter and you have nothing. you’ve figured out the beginning, end, and climax, but you have nothing for the things around it. you have no true story, simply an outline.

you can see the start of the mountain. you can envision the end and the very peak. but you have no idea what waits for you on the climb. you hope it’s easy, not that steep a climb, but what waits is a 75 degree angle with barely any oxygen and wild cold. it’s hell frozen over. but you climb. the story slowly gets written, the dents and kinks hammered out. and at the end…

you have a story. the best you’ve ever written, so far. you aren’t ready to do the climb again, but you will. you must, there’s people waiting on you.

god, maybe this blog isn’t the best for me. it’s a better output then some other options, i suppose.

big iron on his hiiiiiiiiiiip

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