dang the mental health post was the best post i’ve ever had.

this doing numbers

while tempting to ride this cash cow for as long as possible, i won’t do that. yet. i’ll still make serious posts but maybe not as much as greed would want me to. anyways here’s a serious post 😉

it’s ok to yell. someone’s willing to listen. that’s what i do here. i yell into the void and someone will listen eventually. but i have a theory. when reading my posts, you subconsciously give it a voice. that could be my voice, yes. but i’ve found more often… it’s you. your voice reads these to you. so i’ll try something. read these to yourself.

  • i’m important
  • i matter to someone
  • it’s all alright
  • i should subscribe to the newsletter shhh
  • i deserve love because i am human

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hey! i finally got to work updating records and doing boring tech things. what does this mean for you?

this also means that we get that little lock in the search bar confirming things are safe and encrypted.

took me long enough

some links will still point you to the ip, but h o p e f u l l y they should just send you to lucaspotter.me. even if they don’t it shouldn’t be too much of a problem

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if you ask me, music is the one thing that can bind us together. of course, you have clothes and cliques but music? music doesn’t discriminate. of course, some music is aimed towards certain audiences. you have newer country music aimed towards rural listeners, alternative is going for the emo crowd, and then you have french accordion which for whatever reason i like. but the target audience doesn’t matter here. more people in the target audience may like a song then out of it, but it can’t stop anyone else from listening. find your song. then find others who have the same. who knows; you might find more.

here’s the end cap where i put things. you might’ve noticed i’m using tags in a “serious” matter instead of just having them for flavor text. might be useful for someone who wants order, so not me

well, i did say i’d write a good post in the forever draft so here it is.

mental health’s pretty important, no? i’d imagine it’s one of our best resources that we have. sadly, the pandemic has kinda ruined that for us and the avg Big Sad rates have gone up and general good things have gone down. so here’s some things i suggest you do to make existing a little more pleasant.

write down what you do in a day in 30 minute increments. 6-6:30 am, 8:30-9 pm, etc. after you do that for one whole day, look through the list. how much time did you spend on one thing, like your phone? then consider this, how much time do you spend on your phone for the day, week, month? does it bring you joy, make you productive, or increase your stress?

now i’m not demonizing being on your phone or having fun. it’s nice being on your own and doing nothing important, it’s relaxing. but remember when we went virtual for 2 weeks? the first few days were a nice break from everything, but then it slowly devolved into a mess where nothing was getting done and missing work piled up. maybe that’s not what happened for some of you, and i commend you for that. but i know for a fact it just sucked for a lot of us.

listen, i know things are bad. we’re now on year 3 of this pandemic and it doesn’t look like the light at the end of the tunnel is getting any closer. but we should still have hope. we are the next generation and we are the future. i know it’s starting to sound like sad sappy garbage but i’m telling the truth. i have hope that things will get better, and i think that’s an additude we should all have. there’s a line from a game i’ve played recently that i feel fits in just fine.

at the end of everything
hold on to anything

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gonna start each day with a song quote, you get to find out the song.

eleanor rigby died in the church

and was buried along with her name

nobody came

guess I should talk a little more about this post yknow? it would be smart to start driving around the country with no planning but we should think about it. who am i bringing? what am i bringing? how will i pay for the massive brand new vw bus? they haven’t announced a price point, but it’s probably going to be ~40k for one, not counting insurance or any of the other piles of fees. it’s electric so gas isn’t an issue and yet it’s still going to be a problem finding the chargers everywhere. it would still be super fun i’d bet! just need more planning then what i have now. which is none, heh. the us version of the car is being released in ’23 as a 2024 model. time to start saving, i’ll need every penny for the time of my life.

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working on a really big post, here’s something to tide you over for now
thanks for waiting and reading, be cool if you checked it out everyday tho

what will your future be? what will you do in your lifetime? i know, weird blog talking about big topics recently, it’s scary but you can manage. the question still stands, however. a common job interview question is “where will you see yourself in x years?” considering i know the age range of my audience pretty well, the better question for me to ask is where will you see yourself when you are 21? about 8 years for me, probably close for the rest of you.

my answer? “i don’t know.” and that’s a good answer! we’re in the middle of history and most of us want off this ride. things could get worse, things could get better. i’m just going to end the post off by informing you that scientists successfully bio-engineered a pig to have organs a human body could accept and they gave someone a pig heart that worked. the dude they gave it to is still kicking and that’s pretty cool that we can do that now

this was our essential standard for science today. well, i took that as a challenge. if you think about it in a logical way, earth is nothing. you are dust that forms a shape that in the scale of everything will do nothing. of course, while that’s true, it’s better if we look at it with some rose-tinted glasses.

while you might just be space dust, you exist. you are alive, through what cannot be explained by science and better explained by magic. while the scale of what you do might be worthless in The Future, what you do can be enjoyed, valued right now. there’s a massive galaxy out there. it might not be feasible for you to explore, and it probably won’t happen in your lifetime. but you still have a globe. i say earth’s role is to give hope, for a better future for anyone here or out in space. now go. make the world a little better, even if only for a day.

azure blue sky. sun slowly setting. fire slowing down. complete tranquility. i know i won’t get that for a while. we’re really just going into 2020 season 3. the pandemic is still doing it’s thing. but let’s focus on the good things that happened!

  • we vaccinated half the globe. this is a major achivement: and just shows how close we are to beating covid.
  • the great resignation happened and a lot of workers got their life back.
  • trump was permabanned from twitter. kek
  • that evergreen ship blocked the suez and that was awesome
    • yeah it got unblocked but it was cool for a while
  • biden was inaugerated and q-anon moved the goalposts back a few hundred times

was it much? no. was it something? yeah. it was horrible 2021, i’ll see you never.

"Betty White, Television Golden Girl From the Start, Is Dead at 99" article title from the New York Times
we can’t have good things.