working on a really big post, here’s something to tide you over for now
thanks for waiting and reading, be cool if you checked it out everyday tho

what will your future be? what will you do in your lifetime? i know, weird blog talking about big topics recently, it’s scary but you can manage. the question still stands, however. a common job interview question is “where will you see yourself in x years?” considering i know the age range of my audience pretty well, the better question for me to ask is where will you see yourself when you are 21? about 8 years for me, probably close for the rest of you.

my answer? “i don’t know.” and that’s a good answer! we’re in the middle of history and most of us want off this ride. things could get worse, things could get better. i’m just going to end the post off by informing you that scientists successfully bio-engineered a pig to have organs a human body could accept and they gave someone a pig heart that worked. the dude they gave it to is still kicking and that’s pretty cool that we can do that now

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