been working on this for a while. i just type now and then i knew i’d post it eventually. this is the “finished” result. enjoy this violent stream of consciousness. of course, i know some people won’t finish this so here’s the bit where i shill. here’s the newsletter signup, here’s the RSS feed. those are the best ways to keep up with what i do. good luck getting through this! you’ll need it.

gonna start each day with a song quote, you get to find out the song.

eleanor rigby died in the church

and was buried along with her name

nobody came

guess I should talk a little more about this post yknow? it would be smart to start driving around the country with no planning but we should think about it. who am i bringing? what am i bringing? how will i pay for the massive brand new vw bus? they haven’t announced a price point, but it’s probably going to be ~40k for one, not counting insurance or any of the other piles of fees. it’s electric so gas isn’t an issue and yet it’s still going to be a problem finding the chargers everywhere. it would still be super fun i’d bet! just need more planning then what i have now. which is none, heh. the us version of the car is being released in ’23 as a 2024 model. time to start saving, i’ll need every penny for the time of my life.

told myself that you were right for me

but felt so lonely in your company

wednesday, june 8th, 2022. that’s the current offical date when we get our summer break. and i’m having a bit of a crisis because i know what i’m probably going to do. just going to sit in my room, and do nothing but play some video games on my computer. and that sucks! i wanna get out of the house, i want to be productive during the summer. maybe i’ll take up a gig on fiverr or try getting better at physical or digital art and doing commisions. maybe i’ll take up day trading! i have no idea what i’m doing. and that’s a good thing sometimes! you don’t need a plan for every little thing you do. it’s ok to just say “eh i’ll wing it” for some things! let’s take programming something. if it’s a personal project of yours, you don’t have to try. it’s just for you, have fun with it, maybe learn something new. if it’s a big project that’s really important for your boss or it’s a project going to the general public? you have to plan things out then. maybe not for a proof of concept, showing that this thing could work, it just wouldn’t be optimized. that’s all i’m going to write today. for now at least, i’ll probably spit out an actual decent post later kek

imagination, take me somewhere i don’t know

i’m lost but i better find it alone

please for the love of god get the vaccine. “well it’s not good! you can still catch covid!” correct. however, it reduces the chance of you going home in a hearse. we defeated polio with a vaccine that had 80-90% effectiveness, and pfizer’s offering you 95%. “it has a 99% survival rate!” let’s think about that. there’s 331.4 million people in the us according to the 2020 census. you’re fine with killing 3.3 million so you can go to walmart? “but bill gates and microchip and chemtrails” shut your mouth before i kick in your teeth. get the vaccine, it’s free. or at least wear a mask. it’s not that hard.

i feel like compounding on the 99% thing. there’s an estimated 8 billion people on the planet. that’s 80 million people. of course, that’s based on everyone catching it at once with equal chance of dying. really what’s going to happen is it’s going to eliminate the baby boomers and then flood the hospitals. hope you don’t have a heart attack during that time, mr. horse dewormer is occupying your bed.

i don’t miss you

i miss the thought of what we were

no better way to burn some time until the next class then typing out your thoughts, hmm? sadly i need a topic to write out first so i’ll look up a writing prompt from tumblr or something.

“What’s your question?”

“You’re extremely wrong. I’m not sure who wrote the textbook or made the curriculum you’re teaching, but if humans are the most docile species in the universe, I’m personally scared of what all’s out there.”

“What do you have to back up that claim?” The professor rebutted. It makes sense why he would. He’s been taught that humans are pretty calm. Sadly, I know better then that.

“We’ve done unspeakable horrors. We have bombs that decimate cities and make the land completely unusable for decades. We have committed genocide against people for believing in a different god. We’ve started wars over land, money, oil and gold. Nothing in our history is humane or reasonable. Unless you are part of our family, or we see you as part of our family, an argument is more likely to end in fists then words.”

“Now just hold on one second-“

“No.” I’m not going to let this idiot argue with me over our own history. “You know what? I’d be willing to bet every dime I have to my name that the person who wrote that textbook wasn’t a historian or scientist. It was a politician simply rewriting history for personal gain. Besides, it’s easier to make deals if your history says you haven’t started wars over a bucket.”

ring! As the bell rings, the students start funneling out. “Good day, professor.”

love forever, love is free

turn forever, you and me

i have writer’s block and can’t think of anything to write. so you know what i’m going to do? write about writer’s block. checkmate liberals.

why does it exist? to cause me pain? to make projects never get finished? i’ll never know. it forces you to go somewhere else for your inspiration, or make you look deep inside yourself to answer the question; “what am i going to write about today?” it’s weird. there’s feelings in me i just want to write out, but i can’t. mainly because it’s mostly just going to come out as a political rant, heh. it’ll just be me ranting about politics and how everything’s bad and vaccine and etc. besides i already did the rant a couple blocks up so it’s too late for that

say you want a revolution, well you know

we all wanna change the world

god I’m bored. anyone have any advice on how to avoid the drift to entropy? entropy’s a weird concept. the attempt of the universe to stop everything from happening. think the heat death of the universe, that’s what this is. however, we only have to worry about that in billions and trillions of years and we’ll be dead by then! so that’s good-ish. not really.

the women of new vegas ask me if there’s a mrs. new vegas.

and there is. you’re her. and you’re still as perfect as the day we met.

i think i’m done with this. i’m sure i’ll do more, probably start a new forever draft right after i publish this. so i might as well do something for the ending.

here’s my suggestion for anyone wanting to do the same as i have been. sign up for aws or some other hosting service, they have instructions on setting up wordpress and some are pretty cheap. get a domain on freenom, they have 5 free top level domains like .ml or .tk. i used to have and then it got blocked, ouch. then when everything is ready, you’ve set up wordpress, you have your themes and plugins or whatever, start typing. don’t bother with “quality.” type whatever is important to you and throw it out into the void. someone will read it, even if it’s just one person.

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i wish you the best, and thank you for reading.

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