the forever draft 2

something about the queen in here lol

well. we’re here again. here’s the shill bit, doing that early. here’s the newsletter signup, here’s the RSS feed. can’t really say any more in the intro that hasn’t been said in the first one, eh? enjoy.

if the sun should tumble from the sky

if the sea should suddenly run dry

god i hate this state. yeah we have the great lakes but oh my god we have two seasons: winter and construction. every now and then i contemplate “why am i here? why not move to california where it’s warm year-round?” and that’s a good question. i suppose i have friends, family here. everything’s pretty calm, and nothing catastrophic has happened.

some people think they gonna die some day

i got news, you never gotta go

liminal lim·i·nal /ˈlimənl/
occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.
where we are betwixt and between the familiar and the completely unknown

did you know you have rights?

constitution says you do

saul goodman

book review time

so i read turtles all the way down. good book, 9/10.

one day i know that you will be there

one day i’ll focus on the future maybe

one day, oh baby isn’t life so

i don’t know what i’m doing here. i’m trying to write something but i can’t.

you can just stack quotes

one quote
two quote
three quote
four quote
five quote
six quote
seven quote
eight quote
nine quote
ten quote
eleven quote

if there’s any thought

better think of me

for a little support

at a time of need

i’m starting to dig the hole again. i think i’m close to crawling out but… it’s scary. i really don’t want to fall back into the spiral and end the semester with 12 missing assignments.

we are interrupting our schedules for the following announcement.

buckingham palace has announced the death of her majesty queen elizabeth ii.

it’s very interesting, the life the queen has lived. and how long she’s been queen. people have been born, graduated, got married, had kids, watched their kids graduate, watched their kids get married, got grandchildern, and died during the time the queen has ruled.

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the forever draft

man. this is bad in a good way.

been working on this for a while. i just type now and then i knew i’d post it eventually. this is the “finished” result. enjoy this violent stream of consciousness. of course, i know some people won’t finish this so here’s the bit where i shill. here’s the newsletter signup, here’s the RSS feed. those are the best ways to keep up with what i do. good luck getting through this! you’ll need it.

gonna start each day with a song quote, you get to find out the song.

eleanor rigby died in the church

and was buried along with her name

nobody came

guess I should talk a little more about this post yknow? it would be smart to start driving around the country with no planning but we should think about it. who am i bringing? what am i bringing? how will i pay for the massive brand new vw bus? they haven’t announced a price point, but it’s probably going to be ~40k for one, not counting insurance or any of the other piles of fees. it’s electric so gas isn’t an issue and yet it’s still going to be a problem finding the chargers everywhere. it would still be super fun i’d bet! just need more planning then what i have now. which is none, heh. the us version of the car is being released in ’23 as a 2024 model. time to start saving, i’ll need every penny for the time of my life.

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