why can’t we just be friends

a letter of spite to the it people

so. had to move domains and hosting again. went faster this time then last time but come on man let me have my little slice of the internet. it wasn’t an automated block and you know it. is it because of the privacy post? you can’t be doing this man swapping things ain’t cheap. i’m lucky because i did the github student thing and that comes with digital ocean and namecheap. no promises of the next time. and when will you simply just block my emails from going out to readers? i know everybody on the list, it would hurt a little to have to stop all of this permanently. just email me next time with your complaints, it’s cheaper then moving services

to everybody who is not directly employed by the caps it department:
hey. had to move. the domain name is now


don’t wear it out.

hurts me to give up .ml, but it must be done. first registered on 01/09/20, retired 08/24/22. if anything is broken please tell me so i can get it sorted. already know that all the links are broken can’t wait to fix those :’)