on today’s docket – a celebration on how it’s almost over. and a note that i’m going to the radio astronomy thing and hope you come along too 🙂

cool things i found recently –

yeah that’s it. see ya.

how about that? i made a second one.

on today’s docket – got asked some questions. felt kinda cornered. impressed with how this school can make you feel like you’re in the wrong.

and there’s a new easter egg on the website. good hunting!

more cool things –

i’ll see you all next week.

on today’s docket – i’m starting off this thing! a “weekly” series where i yap about something. or just linkdump. ah well.

cool things i found recently –

all links i put in one of these will also be in the memex. see you next week. maybe.

saw to kill a mockingbird at devos hall. the play was great! there were certainly differences between the stage and the book but i can understand most of them. a lot of things were cut out, but I can see why. an example – mrs. dubose and her battle with morphine reliance was cut down to jem beating her bush into submission and an apology. the morphine was only referenced in a later argument. there was also a difference in how the story was told. the book was in chronological order, while the play jumped around. I believe this worked in its favor – it hit the major plot points while leading the trial through the first act. i have my complaints about the ending. it was not as ambiguous as the book was, and i don’t believe that was the proper send off. however, it was a great show through and through and i’d happily see it again if the opportunity arises.

three cars in every garage,

and six seats between them

you ever hear of the indieweb? it’s this project/community/internet/thing where the goal is to be independent from “silo” websites, i.e. facebook, twitter, etc. and now i’m part of that.

i have an h-card on my homepage, h-entry on every post, the ability to use webmentions, and i can start POSSE anytime i want to. lemme go through the list, and then tell you how you can do it yourself.

starting with h-card and h-entry. these are both part of microformats 2, an easy to use bit of metadata that you can add to anything. the h-card is everything about me, and h-entry is everything about a certain post. the h-card also has rel=me links, which link several accounts together and allow me to authenticate as myself with just my website url.

webmentions are basically a way to @ someone with just a post on your website. very easy, much wow. and POSSE stands for “post (on your) own site, syndicate everywhere.” i can take everything here, send it to all the walled gardens, and link back to here. it allows people who aren’t into the blogosphere to see my posts.

it’s (relatively) easy. start with a website of your own. domain, hosting, etc. you’ll figure it out. then add rel=me to any hyperlink leading to a silo site, tying it with yours.

man this is coming out to a no effort december. ah well. see you all tomorrow.

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