it lives and breathes and it insists that it insists that it is something

hey folks. been a while. how are you?

so. i’m back. wild, right? couple things.

one – i’m moving to more short-form content. i’ve been finding it hard to properly write a long piece on a topic. means there’s going to be more content (probably) but also means they’ll be closer to ramblings then a proper post.

two – i am going to finish the last couple drafts i have in the backlog. probably. they were supposed to be released as part of the winter countdown. might just release them as they are and let you guys draw your own conclusions.

three – i’m considering turning this joint into a platform for other people. i know most of you clowns, i trust you. vaguely. i’d be willing to let people write posts and publish them here for public consumption. leave your thoughts?

a part of thee in the key of what we know
to be every part without me

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