(don’t fear)

oh baby isn’t life so
a summer countdown post: day 2

seasons don’t fear the reaper

nor do the wind or the sun or the rain

let’s talk about something different today. music! i’ve been listening to a lot of that recently.

it’s weird to think that music ever became a thing. at some point in human history, we heard a noise and thought “mmm yes more of that please”

and now we’re here. and where is here? we’re drowning in this age of postmodernism where everything is memeable and long form discussion is kinda dead.

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think about it! we continue through life being better and worse and living and loving and trying and failing and rising and falling. we are forever rising above our limits and crashing through the rock bottom.

wait this post was supposed to be about music.

lucas’s things you should listen to

  • little dark age by mgmt
  • it’s golden hour somewhere by lovejoy
  • (don’t fear) the reaper by blue öyster cult
  • istanbul (not constanople) by they might be giants
  • twentieth century fox by the doors
  • miserlou by dick dale
  • stardust by the pied pipers
  • mexican dream by piero piccioni
  • trying by cavetown
  • madhouse by matt maltese

if you think that you’ve seen some of these songs from this blog then you probably have. ok see you tomorrow :)))

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…or one certainly long time
a summer countdown post: day 4

oh so happy, oh oh so happy

i’m pretty cool once you get to know me

i think we’re all going through some sort of heartbreak right now. it’s not the kind of heartbreak that you get from losing your love. i think it feels more like we’re all in the world right now and we don’t know how to be, if that makes any sense.

it makes sense why some of us might feel this way. all we’re doing is exam review after exam review, and in 24 hours we’ll be knee deep in the actual exams. i have several reviews that are over one hundred questions. and the most they’re worth is a few points extra on the exam. so what’s the point? it feels like i’m earning a diploma for someone else. and that’s probably not good.

there is a light at the end of the tunnel. in 4 days, less than that even, we leave. and then we don’t come back. i, for one, will not miss it. i’ll see you all tomorrow.

what’s this?

the consequences of my actions, now?

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we don’t get fooled again

no, no!

meet the new boss

same as the old boss

so i got my first detention. wooooo. for being late to school. excuse me? they are aware that i don’t have a car yes? that i am not capable of getting myself to school yet, and i won’t be until maybe junior year? my second time being late too. what happened to 3 strikes and you’re out? straight to zero tolerance apparently. not as if there’s any larger issues in the world than me being late.

you know the real kicker? if i literally just didn’t show up there would be no consequence. wouldn’t get detention. i’d pound out my work in an hour and play minecraft the rest of the day. because i woke up at 7:25 and still made the effort to get there at 7:45, only shaving off 15 minutes of class, i got 15 minutes after school. the next time this happens, it’s a mental health day for me. why bother showing up if i’m late? i’d get punished and still have to go through an entire school day.

so here’s my little form of protest. in the last month of school, may 8 to june 8, i’m using every hall pass i have. i’m taking my 15 minutes back. at this current moment, i have 38 passes. 5 in almost every class, 4 in two others. say i go to the bathroom for 3 minutes. that’s 114 minutes i get off. 7.6 times the amount i spent in the media center. i’m out here fighting god.

and to the office ladies: hi. i figure you might be reading this. and yes this is entirely your fault. you didn’t need to be rude when you were giving me an unnecessary detention. is this what you signed up for? is this what you were hoping you’d do once you got the job? are you happy now?

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spoons, y’know?

this is a good time to add; titles usually mean nothing

dang the mental health post was the best post i’ve ever had.

this doing numbers

while tempting to ride this cash cow for as long as possible, i won’t do that. yet. i’ll still make serious posts but maybe not as much as greed would want me to. anyways here’s a serious post 😉

it’s ok to yell. someone’s willing to listen. that’s what i do here. i yell into the void and someone will listen eventually. but i have a theory. when reading my posts, you subconsciously give it a voice. that could be my voice, yes. but i’ve found more often… it’s you. your voice reads these to you. so i’ll try something. read these to yourself.

  • i’m important
  • i matter to someone
  • it’s all alright
  • i should subscribe to the newsletter shhh
  • i deserve love because i am human

hey it’s the outro bit. i have a newsletter, and rss feed. once again, i don’t use ads or pateron because i don’t need them. if you want to support me, just share the link to the blog or a certain post. thank you for reading, have a good day

music, a hell of a drug


if you ask me, music is the one thing that can bind us together. of course, you have clothes and cliques but music? music doesn’t discriminate. of course, some music is aimed towards certain audiences. you have newer country music aimed towards rural listeners, alternative is going for the emo crowd, and then you have french accordion which for whatever reason i like. but the target audience doesn’t matter here. more people in the target audience may like a song then out of it, but it can’t stop anyone else from listening. find your song. then find others who have the same. who knows; you might find more.

here’s the end cap where i put things. you might’ve noticed i’m using tags in a “serious” matter instead of just having them for flavor text. might be useful for someone who wants order, so not me