layla, you got me on my knees

hello! i’m yelling about things today. specifically three big things. what things? i don’t know.

that’s right, three posts for the price of one.

first on the docket is privacy. the eff is doing some exciting things!

a lot of people can’t really agree on what some problems with the internet are. a new whitepaper, hot off the presses, says that no matter the problems that are and aren’t, electronic surveillance makes it worse. comprehensive data privacy is on the horizon and things are looking up for once. how about that.

in other news, i’m working on a private communications platform (shill) for us goobers to use. stay tuned on that front, yeah?

next up is my personal favorite: mickey mouse.

that’s right! on january first, in the year of our lord 2024, the first iteration of the mouse, Steamboat Willie, goes into the public domain. disney’s bread and butter is taking stories from the public domain and doing it themselves. some of their most famous works, from Sleeping Beauty to Pinocchio are straight out of the public domain. and it’s fantastic news to see that they’re getting what’s coming to them. i’ll see you in 2024, disney. 🙂

and lastly, books! here’s a couple i’ve been meaning to read/am reading/have read/etc etc. you should read them too?

i’ll see you lot of ne’er-do-wells tomorrow, with another post.

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