but you know what they say; if you want a job done right, you gotta do it yourself.

we’re shaking up the game. and then i’m never doing this again.

or: capture the flag

i’m laying down ground rules here. listen up.

  • one person has the flag.
  • yes, quite literally a flag.
  • said flag must be visible, grabbable, and on your person at all times.
  • the flag must also never leave the high school.
  • at the end of the school day, it goes in your locker
  • if someone takes the flag from you, you can’t take it back until the end of that class period
  • the last person to have the flag at the end of a time period wins.

sounds easy right? well there’s events. for example:

  • hot potato: you must pass off the flag to anyone you see
  • stealth: you are allowed to hide the flag and prevent it from being taken
  • offline: no updates on the flag’s location
  • lemme put it this way: almost every rule is subject to change during an event.

you know what’s really cool? i’m actually going to plan this out. i mean, i’m going to have scripts that will do most of the work for me. i’ll have a calendar of events, i’ll do better than email chains, i will make a better game.

it’s going to be some work from you, and a lot of work from me. but i’m going out with a bang. and then it’s over.

email me if you’re in. or check your inbox. who knows, you might already have a letter.

time is luck, and i wish that ours overlapped more or for longer

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