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…well then. it’s been three whole months, hasn’t it? it has been exactly 83 days since i wrote my last post of the ’23 school year. and now it’s 284 days until i do it again. strange, innit?

i’m currently writing in the cafeteria. it’s been a while since i’ve been here, and i don’t think i missed it. questionable food, cold air, and loud people. i’d expect this from a bar, not here.

of course, that’s not what i want to focus on today. right now, i feel like talking about some things i learned over the summer. maybe you’ll be interested! (read: this is totally just a link dump 0_o)

consider the following: if a self driving taxi, like the ones roaming san francisco right now, commits a traffic violation, then who gets the ticket? there’s no driver, and most common law doesn’t have any provisions for this. let’s take it up a notch: what if that car kills someone? right now the best answer we have is “wow, what an interesting question!” which is a problem.

chatgpt is cool, but it’s not really all it’s chalked up to be. it’s not really an AI, as much as it is a black box doing statistics. you ever heard of the chinese room? it was a thought experiment first published in 1980 by John Searle.

suppose Searle was locked in a room and he was following a computer program for responding to chinese characters that were slipped under the door. he knows not how to comprehend chinese, nor does he know what he’s sending back in response. yet, by following the program, he sends out proper chinese and convinces the actual chinese speakers outside the door that there is a fluent speaker of the language in the room. weird, huh?

so we all know that the pentagon can’t pass an audit. they are currently missing about 2.1 billion dollars in assets. but maybe it’s not all their fault (/j). after all, boeing charged the government about $52,000 for a trash can.

you ever read the end poem? turns out there’s a deep story behind it. it’s also been released under creative commons 0, meaning it’s in the public domain.

here’s something similar yet different to some of my screaming into the void. one person’s story about 30 years in the desert that is social media. here’s your advisory for vulgar language.

sleeping in parking lots, and missing all my friends a lot

also! website news. it’s just past the 3 year anniversary of this blog, with a garbage first post about me making a podcast that never panned out. whoops. i’ve also changed the website hosting again from digitalocean to ionos. and in a year the promotional rate expires so i’ll do it again. weird how that works out, huh?

“happy anniversary! anyways time for migration!”

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