hello there! been a wild wacky summer hasn’t it? anyways,

be funny if i were joking right?

yeah. it’s.. not looking good for your rights. even worse because we’re giving tech companies more data then they ever would need. even even worse because we’re all 14 now. coppa has stopped applying. even even even worse because roe v wade.

this is bigger then a fist fight between pro-life and pro-choice, keep your political baggage out of this.

roe v wade was originally based off the implicit right to privacy that was found from both the due process clause of the 14th amendment and the non-numerated rights granted by the 9th. roe was stricken down as privacy is not mentioned in the constitution itself. this means any other court cases using this finding are on thin ice. this also means the federal government will not protect your privacy.

for context, some other countries. the EU put in the GDPR, the general data protection regulation. canada has put in multiple privacy acts and laws. even israel has a right to privacy as a basic law which is israel’s constitution technically don’t quote me on that

did you know that facebook sells all data it’s collected on every platform? maybe you did. but you didn’t read the privacy policy. your data has been sold for 900 dollars. everything you’ve ever done on facebook. instagram. whatsapp. oculus. giphy. your name, age, date of birth. here’s how to look at all of this. ever used google maps or android? here’s every place you’ve been in the past 12 months. here’s literally everything they might have on you. my file was 21 GIGABYTES. good luck deleting all of that.

so let’s try fixing some holes. use alternative platforms that actually care about you. don’t use snapchat. use signal or briar. avoid google. there’s a million things that work just fine. if you’re really paranoid, delete your presence from the internet and learn how to use arch.

protect your privacy. it’s for the best.

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