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well, i did say i’d write a good post in the forever draft so here it is.

mental health’s pretty important, no? i’d imagine it’s one of our best resources that we have. sadly, the pandemic has kinda ruined that for us and the avg Big Sad rates have gone up and general good things have gone down. so here’s some things i suggest you do to make existing a little more pleasant.

write down what you do in a day in 30 minute increments. 6-6:30 am, 8:30-9 pm, etc. after you do that for one whole day, look through the list. how much time did you spend on one thing, like your phone? then consider this, how much time do you spend on your phone for the day, week, month? does it bring you joy, make you productive, or increase your stress?

now i’m not demonizing being on your phone or having fun. it’s nice being on your own and doing nothing important, it’s relaxing. but remember when we went virtual for 2 weeks? the first few days were a nice break from everything, but then it slowly devolved into a mess where nothing was getting done and missing work piled up. maybe that’s not what happened for some of you, and i commend you for that. but i know for a fact it just sucked for a lot of us.

listen, i know things are bad. we’re now on year 3 of this pandemic and it doesn’t look like the light at the end of the tunnel is getting any closer. but we should still have hope. we are the next generation and we are the future. i know it’s starting to sound like sad sappy garbage but i’m telling the truth. i have hope that things will get better, and i think that’s an additude we should all have. there’s a line from a game i’ve played recently that i feel fits in just fine.

at the end of everything
hold on to anything

this post is supported by literally just me. i’m not going to be using ads or anything else for a long time to support hosting as i don’t really need them. you can help by referring people over and that would be pretty cool. have a good day, and thank you for reading.

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