welcome back to our countdown. i suppose i’ve done all our exposition already, so let’s simply dive in.

there’s nothing surer

the rich get rich and the poor get poorer

today’s post is not about socioeconomic conditions, no matter what the lyrics tell you. today’s post is, however, about numbers and depressing math.

i have twenty or so people subscribed to my newsletter, and about 10 of them are regular readers. according to the caps covid dashboard, there are 678 students in the middle school. i have the captive attention of 1 out of every 67.8 students. that kinda sucks and is a bit discouraging.

but what about the numbers that matter, or the ones that might interest us? we order pizza about once a month, so in an average 90 year life[1], i have 924 pizzas to look forward to. we go to the grpm about twice a year, that’s 154 more trips. but how about how long you’ll spend with your parents? you, on average[2] will see your parents every day until you’re 18, and then you might only see them on the holidays if you move out. the us has 12 official, federal holidays, meaning you might see them for 3% of the year. i’m thirteen. i have 4 years and change to go. that’s not that many days.

there was this very interesting image on wait but why, a blog i follow.


this is a 90 year life in weeks. there are 4,680 boxes on this calendar. how many of them have you crossed off? how many will you spend with family, with friends, alone, retired, job hunting, how many will you use to the fullest or not at all?

time is precious. spend as much as you can with who you can. thank you for reading. enjoy your day, if you can.

don’t we have fun?

[1] i have successfully jinxed myself into dying by thirty. yike
[2] average is such a fun word. i will say it five million more times
[3] wait but why is an awesome blog with a lot of posts like this, i do recommend you read some of his posts.

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