welcome to lucas’s countdown to spring break! we’ve about 4 days until a ten day weekend which we’re all looking forwards to. so here is a streak of posts i’ve been withholding from you.

we three, we’re all alone

living in a memory

my echo, my shadow, and me

let’s play the game of identification! i’ll ask you some random questions, don’t answer if you don’t want to. i’ll try to figure out who you are, and i’ll send you a personal email to see if i’m right. please answer in the comments, but under a pseudonym.

  • how would you describe yourself?
  • what’s something you like to do regularly?
  • do you have any plans for spring break?
  • what’s your mother’s maiden name?
  • what score did you get on your most recent test?
  • can you count to 100 in spanish?
  • what does door E208 lead to here?
  • would you consider yourself empathic?
  • is there such a thing as ESP?
  • are you alone right now?
  • before calling someone, do you rehease what you’ll say?

thanks for playing.

this post was made possible by today’s sponsor: raw spite.

to that one person who doesn’t check my blog because nothing changes:

you know who you are. this is out of raw, undying spite. perish.

2 thoughts on “four

  1. Hope this is how it’s supposed to be done
    -Complicated, but at the same time extremely easy to figure out. I’m not a huge fan of myself, but other people have said that I’m a smart and kind person. I’m not sure about that. Really not sure about that. But I love reading and music. I seem quiet and calm, and innocent until you actually become close to me and then it’s like wow, she’s loud. But I love my friends more than anything and I care about them so much. I try my best to be a loyal and good person. And I know that I’m not good enough, and I know this isn’t enough, but I’m trying, I am.
    -Listening the music obsessively.
    -My parents and I are going to Chicago.
    -Yep! Don’t completely remember 100, (it’ll come to me) but yeah
    -From the info on Infinite Campus, pretty sure it’s Ms. Camp (I’m wrong though, I know it)
    -I’m extremely dumb, and this causes me to sometimes misread how someone is feeling or try too hard to help. So yes, because I care about how other people are feeling and I try to understand and help them, but at the same time no because I usually just mess everything up. The latter is much more common.
    -Hey, you never know right?
    -Physically? No. Emotionally and mentally? Every day. Sometimes it feels like it even when I’m around people. Like they don’t want me here. Like I need to disappear. It’s a really lonely feeling.
    -Really calling me out here right now. I don’t ALWAYS, but there are definitely times when I call someone for a specific reason, and I feel really nervous, so I do it. But other times, when it’s just to talk, I don’t.

  2. 1. I really can’t describe myself well, I’d rather someone else did it.
    2. Play board games by myself in ways they weren’t supposed to be played.
    3. Load all my crap into a binder because we have to.
    4. Something very Irish.
    5. My lowest score this year, a 90%
    6. Probably?
    7. Is it that little room between Mrs. Parsons’ and Mrs. Camp’s room?
    8. Kind of.
    9. Probably not.
    10. Nah, I’m in class.
    11. No

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