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perpetual in motion

it’s not good. we aren’t doing good right now, are we? everything’s on fire and our world leaders are twiddling their thumbs trying to see which one pushes the button first. so i propose we take a break.

pick a day on your calendar. this’ll be your mental health day. if it’s in the middle of the school week you’ll have a harder job but one you might be able to get away with anyway.

once you have acquired your day off either by virtue of the weekend or passing a speech check, you can begin your break.

lucas’s guide to having a decent break

step 0: it’s preplanning time. download some music or a good movie you’ve been waiting to watch. your phone will be in airplane mode today. things get easier to ignore when there’s at least one more step between you and the new york times. you also want to see what all you can do today. maybe today’s a nice day to simply take out a lawn chair and sit outside for a while. maybe there’s that one personal project you’ve wanted to finish up for a while. maybe today’s just a day where you lie in bed for a while and catch up and some missed sleep.

step 1: turn off everything. forget the problems in ukraine, forget the raising gas prices, forget that one piece of homework due today. none of it is currently your problem. you cannot control what happens outside your bubble today.


you are having a break. feels good eh? that lack of responsibility. the feeling you’ve done nothing yet were still productive. you are ready to kill it tomorrow. and you know what? you might do just that. good luck, and have a great day

and during the few moments that we have left,

we want to talk right down to earth in a language

that everybody here can easily understand.

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