..there is no one exact combination of signs
that point to burnout because symptoms
may be physical, psychosocial, or behavioral.

the winner takes it all

the loser’s standing small

we are SPEEDRUNNING student burnout. we are a month in and i am already done. it is 0/10 right now man. teachers i love you. you need to be paid more for what you do. but i mean this in the most respectful way possible: your lessons are boring. a couple of you have managed the perfect mixture of instruction and student-led but a couple is not a lot.

lemme tell you all something. as we start going to the end of the year, some of us, including me, are starting the death spiral. you know how it goes. at the beginning of the school year, everything’s fine. missing work doesn’t happen, you’re refreshed and ready for whatever could be thrown at you. at the end? you’ve been claimed by burnout. the work piles up, and nothing gets done. you’re always tired, no matter the amount of sleep you’re getting. you just have to do enough to make it to the break. we no longer have quarters, so winter break is just a quick little intermission that goes by too fast for what it is. that’s starting for me, i suppose. the missing work is starting to crush me, and sooner or later i’m not going to do anything. so let’s get all we can done. then play aoeII or something

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