a summer countdown post. day 5

so. how’s everybody doing? having fun? i’m currently waiting for this webpage from 1997 to load so i can do my biology lab. you would think that a gif from 1997 would take milliseconds to load but noooooo we can’t have good things. this blog, the one you are currently reading right now, has a first meaningful print of 2.2 secs. that’s the first bit of content you care about if you’ve never visited this site before. in comparison: i’ve been waiting for a couple minutes. for one image.

anyways i’m talking about technology. surprise?

it’s incredible what we’ve done. take computer components! we have taken rocks, smashed them, infused them with electricity, inscribed runes onto them, and fooled them into thinking. we went from massive mainframes to the chromebooks you are likely reading this on right now. a raspberry pi, a 35 dollar little credit card sized computer, is several million times more powerful than what sent man to the moon.

how about the internet, huh? the massive, revolutionary little technology that made everything before it completely obsolete. the telegraph is dead. the phone lines are dying. so is radio. hell, even the internet is dying.

let me explain. here’s a photo of the first ever website, still accessible at info.cern.ch:

this was web 1.0. this was tim berners-lee’s original dream; an interconnected service giving access to information across the world. pages not built for style, but for raw access of information.

but then we evolved. we wanted more, we wanted better. so on we march to web 2.0: where everything is interconnected. again. now understandably this seems like web 1.0 yet. but the major difference was in web design. 1.0 was all about static pages, guestbooks, the browser wars. 2.0 brought social media to what it is now. the personal web page became outdated, and facebook pages became the new. there was an emphasis on user-generated content, ease of use, interoperability.

but now here we are again. it’s always such a pleasure. web 3.0 is, what looks to be the next evolution of the internet. and it’s such a disappointment. you heard of nfts?

nft stands for no f!cking thanks

these are monkey jpegs. that are selling for more then a new car. you must understand my displeasure here. this idea that everything must be decentralized, written permanently on the blockchain. so here’s what i propose.

if we can’t go back to web 1.0, then let’s at least stay in web 2.0. don’t buy nfts from crypto bros.

hey, we have the ability to change things. we’re the next generation and all that. so let’s veer far, far away from all that threatens this valuable resource. thank you.

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