and maybe

i’ll say, maybe

went to a library recently. there were two other people, including the librarian. listen, you might not like books. but it’s a wildly useful source of info.

shill time! i swear i was not paid by the coopersville area district library.

anyways go there. maybe you have no intent to check out a book. but look through the shelves, and check one out anyways. libraries get funding based on interaction, based on how many people come and how many books are taken off the shelves. they also have a pile of computers for public use and a printing service, 20ยข a page. there’s also actual video rentals and a makerspace. i haven’t used the makerspace, it might not be open, but i see 3d printers and that’s pretty cool. if you register for a library card, you can use it LITERALLY ANYWHERE.* ok i say literally anywhere but it’s really all libraries in the lakeland library cooperative. there’s 42 libraries, in 8 counties from allegan to ottawa. this also works any way you want it. if you register for a library card at any of these libraries, you have a high chance of it working anywhere else. there’s also an extensive ebook collection, as the llc has deals with 4 other libraries and overdrive, giving you 5 different collections of ebooks to look through.

visit your local library, and say hi to the librarian. have a good day, and thanks for reading.

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