video games are pretty cool. knowing my audience you’d probably agree, but some games are a perfect blend of story, gameplay, sound, and are more an experience rather then a game.

section 1: story/lore

i’ll put it here: not every video game needs everything here. example: doom 2016. or really any doom game. there’s barely any story or deep lore, and more just says “here gun go there shoot thing”

some games also only do one thing, like hollow knight. there’s not really any deep story i think please don’t hurt me, but there’s something bad going on and you can tell.

however, sometimes you get a game which is the perfect blend. and these games hit different. example: titanfall 2. i won’t spoil anything, but it’s usually 20, 30 bucks on steam and you have no excuse to not buy it. the story and lore are a bit weak, but the ending kinda just makes you sit back the first time you play through it.

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