a summer countdown post: day 1
Imagine stepping through the frame into a sepia-tinted haze, where you could sit on the side of the road and watch the locals passing by. Who lived and died before any of us arrived here, who sleep in some of the same houses we do, who look up at the same moon, who breathe the same air, feel the same blood in their veins—and live in a completely different world.

well. here it is. the year is over, and we have a half day. but it feels like we’ve done this before.

the final question of our english exam was to tell a story about what we’ve learned about ourselves and a lesson for the rest of high school. personally, i can’t tell you what i learned about myself. these hands look the same as they did so many months ago. the lesson i took from our freshman year is that time moves slow until you aren’t looking at it. it’s like the idiom, a watched pot never boils, and all that. however, today is june 9th. and i can’t tell you when the school year started. i look at my watch, seeing the seconds tick by. but when the summer blurs by, as it always does, i will be shocked when it’s time to go back.

so here’s to the future. here’s to all the dreams we have. here’s to all we’ve gained, all we’ve lost. i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again. make yourself some memories.

this marks the end of the 22/23 cycle for the blog. i suppose there might be some posts this summer. maybe. i thank you for reading and staying with us through the years. this is lucas, signing off for now. •

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