the Consumers Electronics Show is a massive event hosted every year in las vegas. i really want to go there. a few asterisks.

one – you have to be 18 or older. that’ll just happen.

two – it’s a trade show, so you have to have a connection to the industry.

three – did you know that if you are getting 75 thousand monthly views on tiktok that you can get a press pass with benefits to CES?

bonus – did you know that E3 is quite open to social media influencers?

that’s right. i’m doing this.

soon, i’m going to start a tiktok channel with the express goal of getting enough people following me to make it to E3 and CES. that’s it. i’ll post tech videos and have fun. maybe even learn a thing or two. sponsorships? nah. boring. pretty sure i couldn’t sign a legal contract with a corporation until 18 anyways. wish me luck 🙂

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