what is earth’s role in the universe?

philosophy time. be afraid.

this was our essential standard for science today. well, i took that as a challenge. if you think about it in a logical way, earth is nothing. you are dust that forms a shape that in the scale of everything will do nothing. of course, while that’s true, it’s better if we look at it with some rose-tinted glasses.

while you might just be space dust, you exist. you are alive, through what cannot be explained by science and better explained by magic. while the scale of what you do might be worthless in The Future, what you do can be enjoyed, valued right now. there’s a massive galaxy out there. it might not be feasible for you to explore, and it probably won’t happen in your lifetime. but you still have a globe. i say earth’s role is to give hope, for a better future for anyone here or out in space. now go. make the world a little better, even if only for a day.