tell me quick

ain’t that a kick in the head?
my blog is meant to be casual, just a fun lil thing. but today, i have to be serious.

i have just been diagnosed with crohn’s disease.

yeah. big scary thing. those of you who know me know that i haven’t been feeling good and have been seeming sadder and weaker. this is why. don’t worry about me: my doctors have good medicines and my mom has good insurance. i will be feeling better soon, but not right now. i felt it was right for you guys to know if i haven’t told you yet. i love you guys: and i always will.

– <3

code clicker!

joint snappingly good
go to to play my amazing game.

# Code Clicker

## clicky clicky

Code Clicker is a ~~not so~~ professional clicker game made ~~by me in my room~~ by a professional game studio.

## click until you drop

With 8 upgrades, such as radiation caused extra hand growth and a Stack Overflow crutch, you’ll be sure to have ~~maybe an hour~~ days of entertainment.

## joint snappingly good

You’ll be sure to have fun with Code Clicker, a Lucas Potter production.

sick and tired

my shot
“i am not throwing away my shot! i am not throwing away my shot!”
these are the first lyrics of my shot from hamilton.
this song is meant to show that our main character isn’t giving up. it plays multiple times, but in other songs to show a hard choice. it’s good advice to follow sometimes.

why am i going off on this tangent? because i’ve been trying. if you read the title, you know where this is going. i’ve tried. something always goes wrong in the end. i’m still holding on. i’m not giving up yet. i’m close though. if i seem sadder to you, don’t be surprised. i love you guys. you know who you are.

2020 and 2021 have kicked me while i’m down. you gotta stay up. take those punches and throw your own.

– lucas
(ps: the game has been indefinitely postponed. i’m sorry.)

the fall leaves are blowin’

fall feels nice. it’s just the perfect balance.

fall feels nice. 

it’s just the perfect balance. the true neutral of the seasons dnd chart. winter’s lawful evil, spring’s lawful good but edging to true neutral, and summer is 100% chaotic evil

i like taking nature walks every now and then. fall makes it better. just the right temperature for a walk. (will make temperature dnd chart if someone asks.) the crunch of the leaves as you step on them. maybe shoving someone into a carefully raked pile of leaves. it’s all fantastic.


anyways that’s a bit of content for ya, thanks for tuning in. by the way i’m still trying to work on the podcast but hope is fading. have a great fall and a even better SPOOKY TIME i mean halloween.

starting a podcast

if you are reading from the main page, click. it’ll be worth it.

i am starting a podcast called “panicked!” and here will be the homebase. i will keep blogging (not that i did much anyway) but the podcast will be my main focus. i am planning (read: going to attempt) to post once a week, either blog post or podcast episode. i want to get at least one episode out a month. there will be one out week of august 24th. i do hope you guys tune in. cheers,

~ lucas