oh, bella ciao!

che bel fior

questo è il fiore del partigiano

morto per la libertà

if you care, then keep reading. if you don’t? tldr – show’s over, go home.

i’ve been here for a while. the first post was on august 24, 2020 in which i said i’d start a podcast. the next post was me saying “sorry, nevermind.”

through the years, i’ve said quite a bit, yeah? talked about the past, the present, the future. something about privacy, philosophy, music. wrote a magazine, and finally buried the hatchet. ryan won, can’t believe it.

in between those 1,242 days (who’s counting?) i’ve made a lot, talked a lot, and done a lot. gone through domain after ip after domain. and it is here in which i bid you my farewell. this is not me saying that i’m leaving, this is not me saying that the website and my words will be lost to time, this is me saying that i’m done. maybe later in the future, i’ll look back and start anew. but right now? i’m closing up shop. either hiatus or gone for real.

so, for now, here’s lucas, signing off. thanks for the time!