more spell on you

i tried to put a spell on you

oh, hey. you’re back. haven’t posted anything in a while. so here’s what’s been going on in my world. and maybe something about the future.

go fly a kite ’til you’re tangled in the hanging tree

how’ve you been? it’s only been damn near two months since i last said something. sorry about that by the way.

i’ve been feeling pretty burnt out lately. i know, a post about burnout, how really very original. never been done before. i’m lagging behind in my work and lethargic during the day. kinda don’t want to write at the moment. but.

i make a little commitment every now and then. last five days before christmas break and summer break, i chug out 5 articles. and i’m going to do that. so here’s the plan. i’m going to write my 5 articles. i’ll schedule the release times, and the emails. and then i’m going to black out through winter break and hopefully wake up before spring.

wish me luck, yeah?

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oh and henry kissinger died. rip bozo lol

Author: Lucas Potter

ah, hell.

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