it’s here!

“we have no names, man. no names. we are nameless!”

well then. let’s get to it. the official release of INC.

it’s wild how something that takes hours to complete only takes minutes to read. you can download a pdf from here.

i want to say it again in case you haven’t seen it prior:

this work is copyright lucas potter. it is licensed to you under the GPL 3.0. this guarantees you four freedoms: the right to use the work, the right to study the work, the right to share the work, and the right to modify the work and to distribute those modified copies. you can find a complete copy of the GPL here.

Author: Lucas Potter

ah, hell.

One thought on “it’s here!

  1. I read it againĀ³ I like it so much, if I had money, I’d spend it on a physical copy of this fantastic magazine. Ooga booga

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