hi. me again. so you remember inc, right?

oh my god, i’m publishing

that’s right! 6,300 words of pure text coming out of your screen and into your head. i’m currently proofreading with a close friend, making sure that it’s not total garbage before i send it out into the wild world.

i have a special deal for those of you who really care! for the low price of one dollar you get access to it right now in digital form. you will also be able to get a finalized version, including FULL COLOR COVER (holy shit, right?) later.

for those who want to go beyond, for five dollars i’ll print out a physical copy and give you that. yes, including the full color cover. i’m not quite going to L&L printing for this yet, but with enough interest i might start looking for professional printing and binding services to make this something a little more substantial.

and lastly, for an unspecified amount of money, i’ll audiobook this thing! i’ll read out all the pages and send them out either to the highest bidder or the world if a lot of people feel like it.

a note: i am releasing this under the GNU GPLv3. you’ll be able to access INC. for 100% free. if you don’t want it right now or you don’t want anything special, then feel free to wait. it’ll all be out on the internet in about a week’s time.

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