so maybe the lining of a winter’s coat

mightn’t be the best place to hide a summer secret

it’s been rough. i’ve started too many posts with that, but goddamn has it been rough.

and for each correctly used apostrophe

i could feel my heart sink inside my chest in front of me so

i don’t know how to say some of this anymore.

i can’t really think right now in this place

there’s too many colors, enough to drive all of us insane

it feels to me like time has been an illusion.

the needle on the spinning wheel

collecting silver coil

i can’t say, wholeheartedly, that i am the same person i was three years ago.

multi-colored ornaments in people’s houses make me feel like

i’m the only one out here, everybody feels like that dear

i don’t know if that’s a good thing.

i got boulders on my shoulders

collarbones begin to crack

it feels to me like everything’s on fire, and we can’t do anything about it except cook some popcorn over the flames.

i kinda feel like something is changing forever

i can’t be certain, but i think you know

i don’t want to get political. that only ends in fire and flames. but fire is an emotion, and it’s something more then apathy.

everything’s coming up roses

everything’s coming to a bitter, bitter end

do you even remember the past years? i don’t. in 6th we got a two week vacation which turned into a three month addition to summer break.

nobody knows everything

we know this to be true

7th was a masked blur.

being in this space has made me feel

a bit more small and i’m not quite sure where i’m going next

8th was quarantine season. i actually got quarantined, a week after the close contact. three days after they shut everything down for two weeks.

the roads are my home, the horizon my target

if i keep on moving, never lose sight of it

and now here we are. and i don’t remember my 13th.

so hug all your friends and let them know

you’re not letting go, no i won’t let go

i am currently writing this post in a haste in our shed. this is the real me, i suppose.

and when our eyes meet

all i can read

is “you’re the b-side”

there is no fitting end to this post. there never was, there never is, and there never will be. so i’m ending it however i like. and i like myself a good abrupt ending.

happy halloween, merry christmas, have a good easter. make some damn memories. make them better then mine.

and every sentence that i spoke

began and ended in ellipsis

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Author: Lucas Potter

ah, hell.

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