we’ll meet again

don’t know where, don’t know when

but i know we’ll meet again

some sunny day

it’s finally over. i’m… not sure how to feel. but it’s done. i’m done. i’ll see you all again in 3 months!

might as well leave a note for any teachers who read this: you guys were awesome. lemme point out the best teachers. mrs kosten? 10/10. you were one of the few who cared for all your kids. mr sietsema? you were a bit of a nut, but you knew what you were doing. you were a good one. mr hicks? you actually read this so credit where credit due. if your name isn’t on here, you were still good. most of you, at least. can’t say names because i’m sure there’ll be consequences to that action when break’s over. but the bell rings really soon, everything is packed, and i’m typing this out on my phone as we speak so time is of the essence.

i… guess this is goodbye until next school year. i might update this some time in the middle of summer so that’ll be interesting. have a nice 3 months everyone! i’ll see you all in the future. don’t call me byeeeeeeeeee

Author: Lucas Potter

ah, hell.

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