crazy they called me

that’s right. this is not a full game of :THE GAME: but rather a mini version.

i think it’s time we blow this scene

three, two, one, let’s go

here’s how it’s going down

  • one point for every person you tag
  • no loss for being tagged, no bonus for stealth tagging
  • no tagbacks ofc
  • limited to 8 people
  • special events every day, not a moment before, not a moment after
  • the game lasts for 3 days, winner gets a prize
  • the MOMENT you tag someone, you need to email me or else there’s a chance no points will be rewarded
    • you can make the emails short, like no subject “i tagged x” short
    • just please do it fast, and don’t stack emails
  • sign up by leaving a comment, no fancy forms this time
  • check back here often, check your inbox often
  • and hello that one person! i remember the talk we had and the fact you called me at 5pm to discuss this. i’ll make sure things are safe, don’t call me again
    • like seriously that wasn’t cool just email me

:THE GAME: mini

gotta tag em all

Author: Lucas Potter

ah, hell.

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