spoons, y’know?

this is a good time to add; titles usually mean nothing

dang the mental health post was the best post i’ve ever had.

this doing numbers

while tempting to ride this cash cow for as long as possible, i won’t do that. yet. i’ll still make serious posts but maybe not as much as greed would want me to. anyways here’s a serious post 😉

it’s ok to yell. someone’s willing to listen. that’s what i do here. i yell into the void and someone will listen eventually. but i have a theory. when reading my posts, you subconsciously give it a voice. that could be my voice, yes. but i’ve found more often… it’s you. your voice reads these to you. so i’ll try something. read these to yourself.

  • i’m important
  • i matter to someone
  • it’s all alright
  • i should subscribe to the newsletter shhh
  • i deserve love because i am human

hey it’s the outro bit. i have a newsletter, and rss feed. once again, i don’t use ads or pateron because i don’t need them. if you want to support me, just share the link to the blog or a certain post. thank you for reading, have a good day

Author: Lucas Potter

ah, hell.

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