azure blue sky. sun slowly setting. fire slowing down. complete tranquility. i know i won’t get that for a while. we’re really just going into 2020 season 3. the pandemic is still doing it’s thing. but let’s focus on the good things that happened!

  • we vaccinated half the globe. this is a major achivement: and just shows how close we are to beating covid.
  • the great resignation happened and a lot of workers got their life back.
  • trump was permabanned from twitter. kek
  • that evergreen ship blocked the suez and that was awesome
    • yeah it got unblocked but it was cool for a while
  • biden was inaugerated and q-anon moved the goalposts back a few hundred times

was it much? no. was it something? yeah. it was horrible 2021, i’ll see you never.

"Betty White, Television Golden Girl From the Start, Is Dead at 99" article title from the New York Times
we can’t have good things.


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