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hello again! it’s me, and i feel like taking up some of your precious time. i’m feeling political so you must suffer through… my oPiNiOn OoOoO sCaRy

socialize healthcare.


i suffer from a condition called crohn’s disease. the thing keeping me from going into relapse, a drug called remicade, costs $1,400 every two months. without health insurance, i would have to pay 23 dollars a day to not go into relapse and start suffering. we do have good health insurance as my mom works for the state of Michigan and they pay more then we do, so i lucked out.

maybe increase the minimum wage? “oh no we can’t do that or else we might have to pay 5 bazillion dollars for a mcdouble” good sir jeff bezos is the richest man on the planet and he doesn’t pay taxes. we had a 90% wealth tax at the end of world war 2, so we could recoup some of the war costs from the companies that most profited from the war. why not do that for the pandemic? amazon, netflix, tesla, made a ton of money over the pandemic. mainly amazon because of the 2-day shipping and the fact you couldn’t leave your house. ol’ jeff is worth 204 billion dollars. he made 84 billion during the pandemic. and he’s skirting taxes left and right.

lastly let’s do something about climate change. none of these non-binding agreements that do nothing but make politicians look like they’re doing something. have them sign a legally binding contract that says
i’ll do something about the world burning – signed united states”
the difference we could make if only politicians were held responsible. alas, we can’t have that.

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Author: Lucas Potter

ah, hell.

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