(late) 1 year anniversary!

just over 525,600 minutes, but i’m not measuring this year in love

it’s been a bit since i posted ‘the fall leaves are blowing‘ and we’ve been here for a whole… 9 posts or so. huh. underwhelming, isn’t it? so i’m doing something to shock the life back into the blog, and it’s not a game of tag


make something. i don’t care what, it could be a blog post, a piece of art you made, a cool video of you beating minecraft, whatever your heart desires. make good content. mail it to [email removed] and i’ll have a public vote up soon. good luck!

~ lucas

secondary bit of content: that post I made about fall being nice? it’s now 32 degrees or under when i leave for school in the morning, i take back that opinion

maybe we can run

did you know vw is making a new microbus and releasing it in eu markets in ’23?

so i’ve decided that when i’m 23 or have enough money (whichever is later) i’m going to buy a vw microbus and drive around the country. i’ll take a few friends, and we’ll just… go. might be a few days, weeks, months, years, but there are sights to see, things to do, and i’m ready for it. that’s all for today, see ya