“i am not throwing away my shot! i am not throwing away my shot!”
these are the first lyrics of my shot from hamilton.
this song is meant to show that our main character isn’t giving up. it plays multiple times, but in other songs to show a hard choice. it’s good advice to follow sometimes.

why am i going off on this tangent? because i’ve been trying. if you read the title, you know where this is going. i’ve tried. something always goes wrong in the end. i’m still holding on. i’m not giving up yet. i’m close though. if i seem sadder to you, don’t be surprised. i love you guys. you know who you are.

2020 and 2021 have kicked me while i’m down. you gotta stay up. take those punches and throw your own.

– lucas
(ps: the game has been indefinitely postponed. i’m sorry.)